IPC Asia Pacific Leadership Team

Duane Barber

President and CEO

Team: Leadership

Office: Australia


+61 2 8908 7900

+61 413 057 745

Job Description:

Duane Barber is President and Chief Executive Officer at IPC Asia Pacific and a member ofthe board of directors. He joined the business in October 2000, bringing more than 20 years of food industry leadership, marketing expertise, and retail management experience with him.
Together with the board of directors and leadership team, Duane has shaped the strategic direction of IPC Asia Pacific, driving into increasingly innovative ways to reduce costs and drive revenue for franchisees owners. From the creation of QualityNet through to the award-winning loyalty and gift program in New Zealand. Duane is a motivational leader with a clear vision. Under his leadership, IPC Asia Pacific today supports over 3,000 Restaurants across APAC.

Alta Cronje

Director of Procurement

Team: Purchasing

Office: Australia


+ 61 2 8908 7900

+ 61 415 956 292

Job Description:

Alta Cronje is the Director of Procurement at IPC Asia Pacific, joining the business in 2007. Alta develops and oversees the implementation of the strategic procurement initiatives of the business, covering food, beverage, equipment, services, product improvement and quality management.
Additionally, Alta takes a strategic leadership role managing category expenditure, quality management and commercialisation and key product supplier relationships. Alta is a key member of the senior leadership team, developing the strategic direction of the business for franchisees across the region. She is also an active participant in the IPC Global Procurement Leadership team which focuses on global initiatives for the benefit of Subway franchisees.

Sabrina Chiam

Director of Supply Chain & Services

Team: Supply Chain & Services

Office: Singapore


+65 6922 5454

Job Description:

Sabrina is the Director of Supply Chain and Services, joining IPC Asia Pacific team in 2008. Responsible for the strategic development of the multi-faceted supply chain function as well as overseeing all parts of the distribution operations. Her role also covers the leadership of IPC Asia Pacific’s franchisee support services, which includes management of all quality and distribution support.
Additionally, Sabrina has oversight of the IPC Asia Pacific operations in both Japan, Taiwan and South Korea covering procurement, supply chain and services. As a member of the senior leadership team, Sabrina is involved in the strategic planning of the business that are designed to maximise profitability for franchisees.

Jules Hayman

Director of Marketing & Technology

Team: Marketing and Technology

Office: New Zealand


+64 21 247 2269

Job Description:

Jules Hayman is the Director of Marketing and Technology, joining the IPC Asia Pacific leadership team in 2016. Jules is an experienced marketing and technology leader with a demonstrated history of working in business to business software and digital service businesses across a number of industries including bulk supply chain and food & beverage.
In her role, Jules leads the strategic creation and delivery across both restaurant and IPC Asia Pacific internal technology systems, loyalty and communications. As digital advances become critical to business performance, Jules leads a fast paced and franchisee focused team that deliver across the APAC region. In addition to being a senior member of the leadership team, Jules is an active member of the IPC Global Technology Leadership team that focuses on best practice initiatives for the benefit of Subway franchisees.

Sabine Tromeur

Director of Finance

Team: Finance

Office: Australia


+61 289 08 7900

Job Description:

Sabine is Director of Finance at IPC Asia Pacific, joining the company in 2016. Sabine has extensive corporate financial experience in the food and services industry having worked for more than 10 years at Compass Group PLC across Asia Pacific.
Her role at IPC Asia Pacific ensures that financial control, planning, and regulatory compliance is in place for all IPCA entities. She is also responsible for the company’s legal and business insights teams, providing visibility on the business financial and non-financial performance whilst promoting innovative business practices.

Karina Hill

Director of People & Culture

Team: People & Culture

Office: Australia


+61 2 8908 7976

Job Description:

Karina is the Director of People & Culture and part of the senior leadership team here at IPC Asia Pacific. Karina joined the business in 2014 and leads the People & culture business unit across Asia Pacific, which is responsible for developing and delivering HR best practice, policies and support to ensure that our regional people strategy supports our group culture and will enable our team to achieve our goals.
In this role Karina provides consultation to management on strategic employment plans including organisational development, remuneration and benefits, resourcing, learning and development, employee relations, engagement, and performance. In this role she works closely with other members of the leadership team to achieve the operational and strategic initiatives of the business with a focus on our people and culture.